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Sprint launches new mobile Web service, expands Airave

Sprint Web adds personalized Web browsing while the Airave expands in-home cell coverage.

Sprint Web on the LG Rumor. Sprint

Sprint launched its new mobile Web service on Tuesday. Sprint Web adds a slight redesign and a couple of new features. Users will now have direct access to Google search for finding content across the entire Internet. What's more, Google search will now be the default search engine on Sprint phones. Sprint Web also adds an adaptive home page that will deliver personalized content based on the user's browsing. Sprint Web is available on more than 40 Sprint phones; current customers don't need to take any action to upgrade.

Sprint also announced the nationwide availability of its Airave femtocell starting August 17. This will boost cellular service inside your home and work with up to three handsets using Sprint's CDMA network (Nextel phones aren't supported). The Airave itself is $99.99 plus a monthly fee of $4.99 per month for the "enhanced coverage." You also can add a $10 per month plan for unlimited Airave calls or $20 for unlimited calls on multiple lines. Previously, Airave was available only in Denver and Indianapolis.