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Sprint launches its Ready Now retail experience

Sprint launches Ready Now, a new customer service experience available in all Sprint retail stores starting today.

Sprint launches Ready Now, a customer service program in all its retail stores Sprint

Sprint just launched Ready Now, a new program in all its retail stores to better assist customers with their phones. The idea is that all customers leaving Sprint retail stores should have their phone "completely set up and personalized." These services include pairing and connecting Bluetooth headsets, setting up e-mail accounts, transferring contacts, as well as training customers in just what their phones can do. If you don't have time for that right as you purchase the phone, you can schedule a future appointment, and these consultations are also available for existing Sprint customers.

According to Sprint, as many as 20 percent of smartphones sold from Sprint were returned because the customer didn't understand them. The same goes for many other devices, including Bluetooth headsets. So with this face-to-face consultation and training in the retail stores, Sprint hopes to help educate consumers about these devices, reduce the returns, and encourage customer loyalty.

Sprint's Ready Now customer-service bent is similar to Apple's Genius Bar, where customers can get help with their Apple products, and even Microsoft has mentioned its plans for Microsoft "Gurus" to be on duty at retailers like Best Buy to help people with their PC questions.