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Sprint kills baffling ad campaign, we smile

Sprint ends ad campaigns with CEO Dan Hesse. We won't miss them.

Hesse is ending his role as Sprint pitchman. Sprint

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Sprint will soon end the ad campaign featuring Dan Hesse. Produced by San Francisco-based agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the black-and-white spots show Hesse in various New York City locations from Central Park to the back seat of a taxi on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I've never been a fan of the ads, mainly because I don't see how Hesse talking about the need for communication in our society really sells Sprint and its services. Sure, he does mention Sprint's Simply Everything plan, but even then I just don't get it. So while I'm hard-pressed to name a wireless carrier commercial that I have liked, I won't be sorry to see the ads go.

According to the Journal, Sprint is ending the campaign because, as Hesse put it, "I'll wear out...they'll get tired of seeing that guy." Yet, a pushback from viewers is also cited as a reason. Apparently, some viewers thought the taxi was a limo--not a great image in an economy when wealthy CEOs don't have the best reputation.

It's unclear what or who the Sprint's next campaigns will feature. But I'd say the Palm Pre is a good bet.