Sprint ID phones get ESPN app experience

ESPN joins Sprint ID with a sports-centered theme pack for select Android smartphones.

Samsung Transform with Sprint ID
The Samsung Transform was one of the first Android phones to get Sprint ID. Josh Miller/CNET

Sprint continues to add partners to its Sprint ID theme packs for select Android smartphones (LG Optimus S, Samsung Transform, and the Sony Zio for now). ESPN is the latest, officially joining the Sprint ID gallery today. ID packs like the new offering from ESPN includes apps, widgets, wallpaper, and ringtones that gather around a main theme: sports.

The ESPN ID Pack includes the ScoreCenter app for tracking scores, ESPN video and Mobile TV, fantasy sports, and notifications, ringtones, and wallpaper representing various ESPN shows. Shortcut icons to popular ESPN Web pages will also install on the phones' home screens.

We've been critical of Sprint ID since it launched this past fall. The service is an intriguing idea for helping Sprint differentiate itself from other mobile carriers, but the tendency for ID packs to load slowly and install unwanted apps and shortcuts raises some concerns. We'd appreciate Sprint ID more if we could customize the installations before the ID Packs load.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse confirmed a few months back in a keynote that Sprint ID is also destined for the Galaxy Tab and Epic 4G. We hope CES will bring the updates that give customers more control over cherry-picking apps in a given ID Pack.

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