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Sprint handset update

Sprint handset update

Sprint gave us an update on its forthcoming iDEN/CDMA hybrid phones. Two handsets are in the works that will use iDEN for push-to-talk calls, CDMA for voice calls, and 1xRTT for data transmission. One handset will feature a rugged, durable design in the spirit of Nextel mobiles, while the other model will have a traditional cell phone design. We should see them by the end of the year.

Also in Sprint-land, the carrier promises that Motorola will be a bigger part of its lineup in the coming months. Though Sprint wouldn't confirm anything official, pictures of a Motorola Krzr with the carrier's logo have been floating around the Web for several weeks. It's also rumored that Sprint will get a certain slim smart phone from Moto that's currently with Verizon Wireless.