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Sprint gives Dish its blessing on wireless plans

Sprint is OK with Dish acquiring satellite spectrum and building an LTE-Advanced network, a stark contrast from the concerns it raised about the actions just a month ago.

Sprint Nextel gave Dish Network the nod on its plans to acquire spectrum and build its own 4G LTE network, reversing its position from just a month ago.

Sprint said in a recent filing that Dish's proposed network does not interfere with its own operations, according to Fierce Wireless. The two companies will use spectrum that are adjacent to each other, and Sprint had been concerned over potential interference issues.

But Sprint disclosed in the filing that it has signed a deal with Dish in a resolution of the issue, clearing the path for Dish to get government approval to use the spectrum, which the company picked up from DBSD North America and Terrestar Networks for $2.78 billion. Dish has previously laid out plans to build a 4G network to deliver mobile video, complimenting its core satellite TV offering.

Sprint had previously objected to Dish getting approval to use the license, and insisted conditions be placed on the usage. But Dish was able to assuage Sprint's concerns.

Dish is still waiting for FCC approval on the use of the spectrum, which isn't expected until at least early next year.