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Sprint expands EV-DO Rev-A offerings

Sprint expands EV-DO Rev-A offerings

Verizon's not the only one moving forward with its EV-DO Revision-A plans. Sprint is expanding its offering of EV-DO Rev-A-capable devices by the end of the year with the Sprint Mobile Broadband Card by Pantech (PX-500) and the Sprint Mobile Broadband Card by Sierra Wireless (Aircard 595). The cards are designed to work with compatible laptops with Type II PCMCIA slots, and the Linksys Wireless G-Route for Mobile and should help increase download speeds to 450Kbps to 850Kbps (compared to the current EV-DO speeds of 400Kbps to 700Kbps) and upload speeds to 300Kbps to 400Kbps. Sprint expects to start its rollout of the upgrade EV-DO Rev-A network during Q4 with the hopes of reaching more than 40 million people.