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Tech Industry

Sprint dashes for Net

The long distance carrier is following the Net leaps and bounds of other telcos with its own ventures.

Facing competition from the likes of AT&T, MCI, WorldCom, and the Baby Bells in the newly deregulated world, Sprint is betting on new technology such as an integrated network for voice, video, and data, a stake in ISP EarthLink, and its PCS wireless venture.

Sprint sees upside on ATM news
update Its stock climbs on news of its lower-cost network for voice, video, and data--another sign of a rebound for the long distance carrier.

Sprint aims to ease congestion
The company outlines plans to become more efficient in providing voice and Net traffic.

ATM catches up with hype
Left for dead after hype far outpaced reality, the high-speed technology is finally reaching maturity, buoyed by wide adoption.