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Sprint, Cisco offer custom business Net access

The companies are jointly offering three Internet access packages designed to serve companies of different sizes.

Sprint and Cisco Systems today introduced three Internet access packages for businesses, hoping to provide convenient Internet access to companies of different sizes.

The Sprint and Cisco offer, called Enterprise Internet Access Solutions, brings together Sprint's network technologies and Cisco's networking expertise, giving customers access to scalable services, the companies said.

The three comprehensive Internet access solutions are designed to meet low, medium, and high-end bandwidth needs. The packages include minimal bandwidth access (128Kb connection) services; higher speed access services with T1 connections; and dedicated DS3 connections.

Sprint will provide customers with the necessary CPE (customer premise equipment) to be configured and installed as part of the service. Each customer will receive a Cisco router tailored specifically to their needs and access method, as well as projected future growth of their business networking needs, the companies said.