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Sprint changes Direct Connect plans

Sprint alters pricing and benefits for its Direct Connect push-to-talk plans.

Sprint Nextel's Direct Connect service may not be sexy, but the push-to-talk network has a staunchly loyal following. And if Sprint knows what it's doing, it will leave the basics of Direct Connect alone.

Yet, the carrier did announce Thursday that it was tweaking the Direct Connect plans for its customers. The basic plan, which goes by the mouthful name of Unlimited Workgroup Communications, offers unlimited Direct Connect and Group Connect calls, plus unlimited text messaging, for $29.99 per month per line. For regular voice calls, you'll also get unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes and free nights and weekends starting at 9 p.m.

For an extra $10 per month, Nextel iDEN users can add unlimited data, Web browsing, and GPS navigation to the above features. Sprint users with a QChat phone like the Motorola V950 also can add the Web and GPS access, but they'll have to pay an additional $20 per month on top of the Unlimited Workgroup Communications.

Keep in mind, however, that regular voice minutes aren't included in the above plans. You can get a bundle of 500 anytime minutes for $30 per month per line or 2,000 minutes for $100 per month per line.