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Sprint announces $50 all-you-can-eat mobile deal

But the deal that gives new subscribers unlimited data, talk and text for 50 bucks a month is only being offered through the end of the January.

Sprint has announced a limited-time discount on its unlimited data, talk and text deal.

For the next four days, new subscribers will be able to get a new contract for $50, with the ability to add an extra line for $40 more, or even further lines for $30 each a month beyond that.

The Sprint offer is usually $60 a month, and new subscribers will revert to that price after 12 months on contract.

Sprint says it's directly taking on Verizon's new 5GB data deal, which is available for $55.

In other news, Sprint announced earlier this week it had purchased a third of streaming service, Tidal, which until now has struggled to attract subscribers against competitors Apple Music and Spotify.

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