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Sprint announces Honeycomb update for Evo View 4G tablet

The carrier will begin pushing Android 3.2 to the tablet in 2012 but anxious users can grab it now.

Honeycomb comes to Sprint's first HTC tablet, the Evo View 4G. HTC

Sprint today announced that the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update is now ready for its Evo View 4G tablet.

Following closely on the heels of HTC's similar announcement for the Flyer, the update brings a number of important changes.

For example, the HTC Scribe digital pen will now work with all applications, essentially turning it into a navigation stylus. Additionally, the Evo View 4G now supports document signature capture, a feature that will surely please business users.

The carrier cautions that, once installed, users will find that the home screen has been reverted to the "out of box" layout. Widgets, app shortcuts, and the wallpaper will be switched back to the initial design.

There's no need to worry, though, as nothing is actually being removed. According to Sprint, the "unique structure of the Honeycomb layout" is the reason for the adjustment.

It's also worth pointing out that some previously installed apps may not work properly, if at all, once Honeycomb is loaded. Should you find an unruly app or game, simply check the Android Market for an update or tablet-optimized version of the title.

Although Sprint won't begin pushing the software update to users until 2012, anxious consumers can manually download and install the files immediately. To initiate the update, navigate to Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now.