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Sprint announces BlackBerry 7130e

Sprint announces BlackBerry 7130e

Today, Sprint announced the addition of the RIM BlackBerry 7130e to its lineup, and it's available now in stores and online for $199.99 after discounts and promotions. The EV-DO-capable 7130e isn't new (Verizon has had it for quite a few months), but it freshens up Sprint's rather stale offering of BlackBerrys. The 7130e features integrated Bluetooth, a speakerphone, 64MB of flash memory, 16MB of SRAM, and of course, push e-mail technology. You can also use the device as a modem.

In addition to the 7130e, Sprint announced that the BlackBerry 7250 will now be EV-DO capable, so you can enjoy broadbandlike speeds on the device. For customers who purchased the 7250 prior to May 1, 2006, Sprint will offer a software upgrade online later this year so you, too, can take advantage of the carrier's 3G services.