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Sprint and HTC hosting big event April 4

HTC and Sprint have just sent out invites to a press party on April 4, likely to feature the HTC One X.


Some big news just hit our desks, folks. Official invites for a special press event hosted by HTC and Sprint is set for April 4 in New York. Headliners are none other than Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and HTC's president, Jason Mackenzie.

No details yet about what the purpose of this shindig will be; we assume it's a party since it's after hours, but I'm thinking it'll involve the HTC One X. This superphone, which debuted at Mobile World Congress, is the company's current flagship handset. Perhaps the Sprint model will even boast quad-core power like its global counterpart.

That may not be in the cards since AT&T's version of the HTC One X will be dual-core only. It is rumored to feature LTE 4G, the first Sprint handset to do so. We'll let you know as we learn more.