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Sprint will pay AAA Classic members' annual renewal fees

A new promotion from Sprint throws some discounts toward members of the AAA motor club.


Sprint is offering to pay AAA Classic members' annual renewal fees.

Jamie Squire, Getty Images

AAA Classic members can hand over their annual renewal fee to Sprint.

Sprint is offering to foot the bill to belong to the motor club as a discount, the company said Thursday, as long as AAA Classic members are with the wireless network.

The offer requires one active phone and a AAA member number. The wireless carrier is offering 4 lines for $35 a month per line, and $25 a month per line after that for up to a total of 10 lines.

In addition, users can download the Sprint Family Locator app and track up to 5 phones for free. The service is normally $5.99 a month. There's also a 25 percent discount on eligible accessories. Sprint and AAA did not immediately respond to our request for comment.