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Sprint 4G detected in San Francisco

Sprint has quietly deployed its WiMax/4G network in San Francisco prior to the official launch.

Samsung Epic 4G speed tests. Our 4G connection died when we took this picture. Nicole Lee/CNET

Sprint customers in San Francisco who have a 4G-enabled device woke up to a pleasant surprise today as the carrier began a few public tests of its WiMAX-based 4G network there. So those who have the HTC Evo 4G, the Samsung Epic 4G, or the Sprint Overdrive might finally see the 4G bars light up in certain parts of the city.

We did detect some 4G activity here in our CNET office on Second St., though we found that speeds varied. Running the app, we found that indoor speeds often averaged around 500kbps downstream and 1.2Mbps upstream. Outside, however, we managed to get a max speed of 4Mbps downstream and 1.2Mbps upstream. We've also heard of some independent reports in other parts of the city that are around 6 Mbps downstream. As Sprint has not officially announced the deployment, it seems they're still in the testing stages. Still, it looks quite promising.

If you live in San Francisco and you have a Sprint 4G device, please let us know what you think in the comments.