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Spread Christmas cheer with Angry Birds

The holidays will be hopping for the popular avian title, with a Christmas edition on the way, as well as an official Angry Birds Day on the calendar.

Angry Birds Christmas ornaments
A festivus for the rest of us: First, Angry Birds Christmas ornaments, and now an Angry Birds Christmas edition. NickandChapin Channel/YouTube

Everyone's favorite finch-flinging frolic is going festive for both iOS and Android devices (just try saying that five times fast after downing a glass of egg nog).

Rovio Mobile's next big update for Angry Birds, which celebrates Christmas, has been hinted at, detailed, and screenshotted, and now the company has made it official, though we don't have an exact release date yet.

Angry Birds Christmas will be free if you purchased the 99-cent Angry Birds Halloween edition for iOS devices. Rovio had initially tweeted that the Christmas title would only be coming to the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, but today posted a message that it's flying onto Android too.

Now we're just waiting to hear if Angry Birds fans with MeeGo, WebOS, and Symbian devices will see their Yuletide cheer turn into jeer this holiday.

Angry Birds has steadily been growing into a phenomenon (being No. 1 in most mobile app stores for a while can do that for you), and Rovio is riding the wave with an official Angry Birds Day scheduled for December 11. Nearly a thousand people in 65 countries have already signed up for the meetups, which Rovio is flavoring as a celebration of popping 3 trillion piggies, and the chance to meet, play, and compare scores with Angry Birds fans.

I'm pretty decent at Angry Birds, and have had many three-star rounds, if I may brag for a moment. Comparing scores against others might be intimidating, though. I fear the grand master of Angry Birds in my area would probably show up and school everyone.

Angry Birds Day promo