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Spracht reveals the Aura EQ

Spracht gets into Bluetooth headsets with the Spracht Aura HQ.

Spracht Aura EQ
Spracht Aura EQ Spracht

We last heard of Spracht with the Spracht Aura BluNote Bluetooth speaker a few months ago, but it looks like the company has ventured into the headset category with the Spracht Aura EQ.

The Aura EQ has a distinct design with angles and lines that remind us of the Egyptian pyramids. It has quite a number of features as well--dual microphones that can be switched and focused, the ability to pair with up to eight devices, a built-in six-band equalizer, and an array of ways to cancel out pesky background noise.

It also has a capacitive touch volume control (you slide your finger along the base to adjust the volume) that we're not crazy about, but it does contribute to the sleek design. The Aura HQ is estimated to be out in March for around $79 retail.

(Via Engadget Mobile)