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SpoTV? Spotify TV and phones on the way

Spotify has announced a deal that will bring the music-streaming service to Swedish TVs, as well as Spotify mobile phones

Spotify is coming to TVs, and the popular music-streaming service is also planning its own mobile phones. Is there anywhere Spotify won't go?

Spotify has today signed a deal with Swedish telecoms giant Telia to produce Spotify-branded handsets -- Spotifones? The deal will also bring Spotify to Swedish televisions. Spotify told Crave that Spotify on TV -- SpoTV? -- is still "a way off", but the company is "definitely looking to install Spotify on digital boxes at some point in the future".

The news comes hard on the heels of Napster's extremely enticing halving of its subscription price, and deal with Dell. Spotify remains more expensive, with a Premium subscription costing £10 for streaming and no downloads. But in terms of innovation, Spotify seems to be leading the way, with its Viking-style raids into other ways of delivering music wherever listeners go. Who knows? This may even be a way for the service to confound critics and actually make some money.