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Spotlight on the free-PC craze

Enchilada, The start-up with the delicious name, joins a stew of other recent, similar plans as the market picks up steam.


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The start-up with the delicious name joins a stew of other recent free-PC offers as the market picks up steam.

"Obviously, a free PC isn't free."

- Paul Otellini, general manager of the Intel Architecture Business Group. Intel is lending advice to free-PC companies.


Enchilada joins the free-PC race
A start-up called Enchilada will launch yet another free-PC plan tomorrow that will let customers get the combination platter of Net access and a PC for a low monthly price.

Hand uses "free" PCs as incentives
In the latest twist on the concept, Hand Technologies is offering free or heavily discounted PCs to people willing to join their network of "consultants."

InterSquid swims in the free PC pool
The start-up is giving its customers a "free" PC with monitor when they sign up for the company's $29.95 per month Internet service and agree to subscribe for 30 months.

Gobi aims for 1 million "free" PCs
The start-up is targeting one million PCs with its Internet connection service. Its strategy may be more viable than other similar offers, analysts say.