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Spotify's Daniel Ek to headline SXSW: Spotify coming to America?

Spotify's Daniel Ek will be interviewed in a keynote presentation at conference/festival South by Southwest 2010. Is the streaming service crossing the Atlantic?

Spotify head honcho Daniel Ek has been announced as keynote speaker at next year's South by Southwest conference/festival, in what could be the US launch of the streaming service.

Ek will be interviewed in the SXSW keynote on 16 March 2010. Crave was at a similar interview recently, in which Ek hinted at his social network plans for Spotify, but kept his cards close to his chest on international expansion.

The online music landscape in the US is very different. Why, just today we interviewed Lala co-founder Bill Nguyen on Google and the future of music. How Spotify will fit into the Stateside market is anyone's guess. We'll be watching closely to see what kind of price point a premium subscription comes in at. If you're one of our US readers -- howdy y'all! -- let us know in the comments how much you'd be willing to pay for Spotify's heady combination of streaming, offline caching and mobile access.