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Spotify won't be sold, CEO says

Spotify is European through and through, and Daniel Ek wants it to stay that way.


CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek wants Spotify to become "one of those super companies."

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images for Spotify

Spotify CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek says he has no intentions of selling the streaming service.

The Sweden-based music-streaming service has the biggest paid-subscriber base in the world. It also has yet to turn a profit, making it a possible target for a takeover. But even if a tech titan wanted to purchase the service, Ek says it's not for sale.

Spotify is a startup that competes with major US-based services such as Apple Music, Google Music and YouTube, and Ek wants to keep it that way.

"My selfish ambition with Spotify is just trying to show...that we can create one of those super companies here in Europe," Ek said Thursday at the Brilliant Minds symposium in Stockholm, according to Reuters.

When asked directly whether he would consider giving up the company, he responded: "I'm not going to sell, no."

A Spotify spokeswoman said the company had no additional comment.