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Spotify unleashes new Android app

After months in preview form, Spotify has officially released its ICS Android app, which boasts a new look with better navigation.


Spotify has unveiled its latest Android app, which now includes a faster, streamlined interface and higher sound quality than before.

The app has full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features a new tile-based, "slide-out" navigation with support for high-resolution art.

As far as playback features are concerned, the app includes crossfade and gapless playback, support for "Extreme" 320kbps files, and Last.fm scrobbling.

The app promises a deeper experience than before with enhanced support for friends playlists and profile pages, a "related artists" view, a playback queue, and folder support for better organization of playlists.

The app also comes with a widget that allows playback from your home screen.

The app has been in preview for a few months, and follows the new iPad app, which has very similar features.

Users who want to listen to their files on the go will need to sign up for a Premium Spotify subscription ($9.99 a month). The app is available now for free from the Google Play store.

"For all our Android users, this Spotify update is a huge leap forward. We've rebuilt it from top to bottom, making it faster, slicker and much better looking," said Gustav Soderstrom, vice president of products at Spotify.