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Spotify turns 10, reveals the songs and artists we stream most

Apparently we're all really into Ed Sheeran.


Spotify has been around for 10 years. 

SOPA Images/Getty

Spotify's looking back on the last 10 years with a playlist commemorating its anniversary, out Wednesday.

The playlist features acts like John Legend, Hozier, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Coldplay, the Chainsmokers, the Lumineers, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

"We are now the largest music-streaming service in the world, but we remain as laser-focused on connecting fans with artists and helping them to build their careers as we were on day one," the post says, noting it the platform has 180 million active monthly users in 65 countries. 

Spotify also released stats like the most streamed song each year. Back in 2008, "Human" by The Killers took the top honor. Drake is the most streamed artist. Rhianna was the first artist to reach 1 billion streams. She's also the most streamed female artist globally. 

The stats are also just a heap of good news for Ed Sheeran. His song "Shape of You" is the most streamed song. He's the second-most streamed artist, and two of his albums made the list for most streamed albums. Drake didn't do too shabby, either, also landing two albums on that list.

And in total, Spotify users have spent 16,858,080 years streaming audio.