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Spotify to enter Africa with Vodacom pact?

The streaming-music service may move into Africa with a deal offering free data, according to a report, after already pervading Europe and launching in the Americas.

Spotify AppLink lock screen
Spotify founder Daniel Ek Spotify

Spotify is in talks with the African telecommunications company Vodacom about a partnership that would introduce its streaming-music service there, according to a report.

Citing two people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported that the talks would include Vodacom -- which is owned by Vodafone -- offering Spotify subscriptions to its wireless customers including limited free data to stream music.

Coming at a time when competition between subscription-music services is intensifying even as large swaths of highly connected countries are still unfamiliar with the model, such a deal would introduce Spotify to a large population still untapped by rivals, but the market is generally one still at the earlier stages of connectivity.

Vodacom has networks in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Nigeria and Lesotho. The Sweden-based streaming-music service has already flooded Europe and expanded to much of North and South America, with a few outposts in Asia, having launched in places like Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.