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Spotify targets US launch in December

US music fans could have more than turkey to give thanks for, as Spotify plans to launch stateside before the end of the year.

Spotify is planning a US launch before the end of 2010. The Swedish-born music streaming service that's taken Europe by storm in the last two years is aiming for a stateside launch between Thanksgiving and Christmas, paidContent reports -- that's December to you and me.

It's been a smashing year for Spotify: just last night the service celebrated reaching 10 million users across Europe. Facebook integration has seen users sharing playlists left, right and centre, and the mobile app has taken advantage of multitasking on the iPhone. But a US launch has been on the cards since this time last year.

Spotify faces more competition in the US with services such as Pandora and Rdio -- and the small matter of Apple's long-rumoured move to a cloud-based iTunes streaming service, a rumour fuelled by Apple's purchase of LaLa.

Just 5 per cent of Spotify's 10 million users are paying subscribers, but none of this has stopped Spotibosses Daniel Ek and Shakil Khan pursuing their American dream with assorted meetings across the pond.

Any 'Muricans out there? Turned on by Spotify? Or bemused by the Eurohype?