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Spotify suffers log-in issues; service now restored

The music service says that most users were at first unable to log in this morning, but are now able to do so.

Spotify suffered an issue that prevented users from logging in this morning, the company has confirmed both on its Web site and Twitter account.

"We can confirm that most users are unable to log in at this time," the company wrote on its Spotify Status Twitter page earlier today. "We are working on a fix. Watch this space."

In a subsequent update, Spotify said that it was working on the issues, and added that the problem also was affecting those who log in to its Web site. However, the company now says that the issue has been resolved and all users are now able to log in.

Spotify earlier this week conducted maintenance on its log-in systems, and reported that some users were having trouble getting into the service as quickly as they normally would. Soon after, the company fixed the problem. It's not clear if today's issue is related to that problem.

Spotify isn't alone. Just yesterday, Facebook suffered an outage that at times did not allow users to access the service, and at others caused long load times.

Update 9:11 a.m. PT to include more details.