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Spotify songwriter pages dive into who wrote some of your favorite tunes

Songwriter pages offer playlists of tunes by the people who wrote them, letting you listen to a songwriter's resume regardless of who made the songs famous.

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Angela Lang/CNET

Spotify listeners probably know a Meghan Trainor song that she sang herself, but what about the Jennifer Lopez hit she wrote? Or that Ben Billions is behind hits from Maroon 5 and The Weeknd? On Monday, Spotify launched songwriter pages to make it easier to learn about and listen to the songwriting resumes of people who crafted some of your favorite tunes, including Trainor, Billions and Missy Elliott. 

"Spotify is always working to create new and better ways to promote music discovery -- for artists, for songs and, increasingly, for songwriters," Jules Parker, Spotify's head of publishing and songwriter relations, said in a statement. "We're excited to see how the world interacts with these new features, and look forward to enabling them for more and more songwriters."

Initially, a limited number of songwriters have these pages, as the feature rolls out in beta test mode. Aritsts interested in getting a songwriter page can fill out a form. The new pages follow Spotify's move in 2018 to add publicly visible songwriter credits to songs. 

Listeners can find songwriter pages by right-clicking on a track or, if you're on mobile, tapping the three dots next to the title. Then hit song credits and select a clickable songwriter's name. Every songwriter page includes a "Written By" playlist spanning that artist's work. 

Spotify is the world's biggest streaming-music service by subscribers.

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