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Spotify claims it can predict the song of the summer

By the end of the summer, we all know which songs were on heavy rotation, but Spotify says it can predict the hits by digging into data.

Can Spotify predict the biggest songs of the summer? They certainly seem to think so.

Spotify said Wednesday it's curating a playlist that will be the backdrop to your best 2017 summer memories. To do this, the streaming music company tapped its in-house genre and trend experts, examined streaming data, tracked chart performance and gauged popularity on current playlists.

The end result is a playlist called "Songs of Summer 2017"

"There's a good chance somewhere on this list is the track we'll be crowning the song of the summer by the end of August," Shanon Cook, Spotify's trends expert, said in post announcing the playlist. 

Listen below and see if one of these tracks deserves Summer Song honors!