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Spotify seeking Android, Symbian S60 software developers

Spotify may be heading to S60 and Android handsets, after the company advertised for software engineers who specialise in developing for those platforms

It looks like Spotify is heading to Nokia's S60 Symbian OS and Google's Android platform. Party hats on standby, people.

Several new job vacancies have appeared recently at the Swedish streaming-music start-up, including posts for an Android software engineer, S60 software engineer and, of course, the iPhone software engineer we previously reported on.

Positions for a UK-based sales manager, Windows software engineer and summer intern have also been advertised.

Spotify has the potential to be every phone's killer app, particularly on music phones from the likes of Nokia. But, while the iPhone comes with unlimited data transfer in the UK, almost all competing phones don't. And having Spotify stream music all day over 3G could result in massive bills.

If you're interested in any of Spotify's new positions, hit up the company's jobs page. If you want to know more about Spotify, check out our all-encompassing first look.