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Spotify returns to Roku players and TVs

And it only took 10 months.


Spotify's new Roku app is now rolling out to players and TVs running on the platform. Roku announced in September the popular music streaming service would be returning with its latest OS updates.

"Users will be able to launch Spotify and navigate the channel using a Roku remote, or via Spotify Connect, which controls the Roku channel using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone," said Roku's Director of Content Acquisition Daniel Gould in a post on Roku's site. Spotify Premium subscribers will get ad-free listening as well as improved sound quality. 

Spotify had removed its app from Roku's platform in December of last year to improve the experience and had promised to return. Roku users can add the channel by searching for it on your box or TV or via your online account

Roku TVs must be updated to OS 8.2 and streaming boxes to OS 9 to use the app. All supported devices are expected to have access to the new app by the end of the year.

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