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Spotify reaches Windows Phone at last

Spotify has finally made it to Windows Phone, letting you stream and download Spotify tracks to your Microsoft mobile.

Spotify has finally made it to Windows Phone, bringing streaming tunes to Microsoft mobiles, and finally giving Windows Phone owners an app to shout about.

Spotify, the music streaming service that grants you access to a library of millions of tracks, including but not limited to Men At Work's Down Under, has been available on iOS and Android for ages, leaving Windows Phone fans climbing the walls with impatience.

Now that it's finally here, owners of Microsoft's trendy mobiles can access Spotify tunes on the move. You can stream music over Wi-Fi or a mobile connection and save tracks for offline playback, a particularly handy feature if you use Spotify on the train.

There are features exist, such as the ability to see your friends' playlists and view newly added music, but all you'll really care about is getting music into your ears while away from your computer.

As with the other app versions of Spotify, you can only get this if you have a Premium subscription, which costs £10 per month. We think that's a reasonable sum, and we've found Spotify's library to be fairly comprehensive.

We've found other Spotify apps to be occasionally flaky, so fingers crossed the developers spent all that time applying plenty of polish to the Windows Phone edition.

It's vital that Windows Phone gets these important apps if it wants to compete with iOS and Android, and this is a significant moment in the Windows Phone fightback, at least in the UK, where Spotify is pretty popular.

Can Windows Phone possibly compete? Will you be downloading this app? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall.