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Spotify pulls new sharing update after "overwhelming" demand

Spotify has pulled its all-sharing, MP3-playing update after less than a day because of a surge in usage. But you can still get the awesome new version, if you know the right people

Spotify has pulled its all-singing, all-sharing update after just one day, due to massive demand.

The update adds user profiles pulled from Facebook, and takes on iTunes by playing MP3s stored on your computers. It's the biggest transformation so far in Spotify's inexorable rise to prominence, and confirms the service's status as a major player in the online music space.

The update to version was available for less than a day. Due to an "overwhelming" surge in usage by people trying out the new version, the download link has reverted to offering the previous version, 0.3.23. Free accounts still require an invitation, but subscribing to the premium version for £10 per month gets you the software, ready to be updated.

If you're excited to get your teeth into the snazzy new look, slick sharing, souped-up playlists and one-stop music management, fear not: Spotify told Crave that the automatic update "will be rolling out in batches over the next few days". If you really can't wait, and you know someone who has the update, you could ask them to send you the installer file.

Thanks to all our readers who spotted that the update had been pulled -- let us know when the update reaches you.