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Spotify now offers artist merchandise

Broadening its reach beyond pure music streaming, Spotify now lets users buy merchandise from artists through the app.

Music fans no longer need to wait by the merch stand at gigs to pick up a treasured piece of memorabilia. Spotify now lets you buy branded goods from artists through its app.

Watch yourself. (Screenshot by CBSi)

Initially, official merchandise was only available from a select few artist pages on Spotify, including Beastie Boys, Banks, Grateful Dead, Bon Jovi, Deadmau5 and Led Zeppelin. Now, the music-streaming service has opened the feature up to all artists to sell any merchandise they desire, directly from their Spotify artist page, in conjunction with Topspin.

The branded merchandise offers appear underneath the popular songs segment within the Spotify web app and redirect users to the band's site in order to buy the goods. There is currently a three-item limit, but artists pay no extra fees to have their goods listed on their profile page. Users listening in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are able to buy merchandise if an artist makes it available through their profile.

Artists can sign up to sell merchandise through the ArtistLink website.