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Spotify launching browser-based version as part of redesign

Changes are afoot, with the music streaming app set to launch a browser-based version as part of a redesign.

Cha-cha-cha-cha-changes! Spotify will launch a browser-based version of its music streaming service, TechCrunch reports. Sources have told the site Spotify will completely overhaul its app, with the web-based version complementing or replacing the current desktop app. That would explain why Spotify hasn't updated its service over the last year.

The move to web is one part of a larger overhaul of the service, the sources claim, with the new Spotify focussing more on music discovery. You'll still be able to see what your friends listen to via Facebook, but you'll also have the option to follow the listening habits of 'influencers'. As long as they've got good taste, that's fine with me.

We could be in for a lower subscription price too. At the moment you can get it free with adverts, pay £4.99 a month for no ads, or £9.99 a month and get the mobile version chucked in, along with offline playlists. So what could this new tariff be? Less frequent adverts for £2.50 a month? Only the less annoying ads? Or would it just lower prices all round? It's anyone's guess at this stage.

Being browser-based would make a lot of sense though. Its main competitor, Rdio, is accessed through a browser, which means there's no faffing with downloads and installations. You could also log in on any of your friends' computers without asking if they've got Spotify, which would be a plus (or a pain for your pal, depending on your taste in music).

The only issue is whether a web-based Spotify could work as quickly as the desktop version. But with broadband speeds getting faster, and even nippier access on the way, hopefully this won't be an issue.

Would you like to see a web-based Spotify? What would you like this new tariff to be? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.