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Spotify launches a new party mode called Group Session

Listening to audio with housemates is a little easier than before.


It just got a little easier to listen to Spotify with a housemate.

Angela Lang/CNET

Spotify wants to make it a little easier for everyone at your party -- even if it's a family dance session in the living room -- to have a say in the music. On Monday, Spotify introduced a new feature called Group Sessions that lets two or more Premium users take control of the music in real time as well as contribute to a group playlist. 

To use Group Session, one Premium user becomes the "host" and will get a scannable code that can be shared with guests. Then, each member of the Group Session can play, pause, skip, select and add tracks to the shared queue. 

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The music streaming service has offered limited ways to share music in the past by letting subscribers build collaborative playlists with friends and through Spotify's family plan. 

The party feature is currently in beta, and Spotify plans on updating it overtime based on listener feedback. Spotify Premium, which offers ad-free music and other features, costs $9.99 for an individual account or $14.99 for a family plan with up to six accounts. 

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