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Spotify is bringing music to your emails

The music streaming service adds songs to your out of office messages.


Spotify's new Out Of Office tool lets users add songs to out of office emails.


Spotify now lets you customize your out of office message with songs related to where you are heading. The company's new tool, Out of Office (OOO), is now available to anyone with a Spotify account. The process is rather simple.

OOO will ask you where you are going, whether you are traveling for work or pleasure and the mood of the trip. Spotify then creates a playlist of 25 songs that are popular in the area you are traveling to. If you are not feeling the songs provided, you can get other music by simply changing the mood (relaxed, adventure, or party).

After creating the playlist, OOO comes up with a message that you can then paste in your email account and adjust as you like. To hear the playlist, people who receive your OOO message will have to click on a link to "get a taste" of your trip.