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Spotify iOS app updated, brings Browse to your iPad

The refreshed app brings you plenty of new features, and improves some existing ones.

The Spotify app for iOS has been updated. As well as adding some new features, it brings the Browse function over from the iPhone version to the iPad. As the name suggests, this lets you browse 'curated' (god I love that word) playlist categories like New Releases, Top Lists, Rock, Pop, Chill and Workout. And far more niche categories like Music to Eat Tacos to.

Browse replaces the What's New feature. Anyone using the Spotify app on their iPhone has had access to Browse since September.

If you're using the app on your iPad, you'll get a few features ahead of your iPhone-owning brethren. The update lets you follow friends and artists to see their playlists and releases, a bit like the relaunched MySpace. Searching is smarter and more responsive. And playlists have a "shiny new look". All these features will soon be available on the iPhone version, Spotify says.

So what else is new? iPhone and iPad owners can now choose to make their playlists private or public using the toggle -- previously it was only on iPad -- and sign up and login is now simpler and more streamlined. It's also fixed a bug that occurred when sharing from your iPhone to Twitter, email, or text message.

All sounds good, eh? But Spotify can't rest on its laurels. BT is launching its own streaming service, after inking a deal with Universal Music. It'll pipe songs in for free to BT TV Unlimited customers, and will charge £3 a month for anyone else signed up to a BT telly package. Initially it'll only offer around 150 albums -- a drop in the ocean compared to Spotify -- but it'll soon increase this to 1,000, according to a Guardian report. It's also hoping more labels, both major and independent, will soon jump on board.

Apple's iTunes Radio will be with us early next year as well, which should shake things up a bit. And Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on its own streaming service, codenamed Rio.

Have you tried the new Spotify app? What do you make of it? Sing us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.