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Spotify iOS 4 update submitted: Adds background listening pending approval

Spotify has submitted an updated version of its rampantly popular iPhone application, which will use the new firmware's multitasking ability to allow users to listen to music in the background

Well, this one comes as a huge relief. More than one of the CNET UK team is a devout Spotify addict, and those premium members who enjoy the mobile application on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 will be glad to hear that Spotify has submitted an iOS 4 update to Apple for approval.

The news broke on Spotify's blog, and confirms that background listening will also be available, allowing listeners to keep on a'rockin' even when running other applications -- a sorely missed feature that so far has hampered the app's usability.

How long it'll be before this update actually appears on the App Store is anyone's guess, but Spotify says it's hoping for a quick turnaround on Apple's end. It also claims to have added a "nice little surprise" to the update. That sounds very mysterious, but fear not -- the great technological minds at CNET UK have levelled their massive intellects at the problem and come up with the following predictions as to what that surprise might be...

Ian Morris: "Unlimited free downloads of Girls Aloud songs."

Flora Graham: "Lyrics! Karaoke! Actual SPOTS."

Drew Stearne: "Maybe a party mode where it can sync what it's playing across multiple handsets. Imagine party guests across the world dancing to the same beat. Or maybe now that the desktop client can play your iTunes music, you could use your home computer as a server and stream all of your iTunes music through to your Spotify app..."

Rory Reid: "Herpes."

Thanks guys. Thanks. 

Let us know what you think the surprise feature will be in the comments below.