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Spotify heading to Windows Phone 7, launches on Windows Mobile 6

Windows Phone 7 owners will be able to access streamed music through Spotify when the operating system launches. But will Zune Pass prove a better alternative?

Owners of handsets running Windows Phone 7 will be able to get connected to Spotify when the operating system launches. That means they'll join iPhone, Android and Symbian users in being able to stream music on their phones for a small monthly fee.

Spotify launched on the Windows Mobile 6 platform today. More importantly, Spotify announced that its musical offering will be available on Windows Phone 7, which will make its debut on 11 October. The Spotify app has been built to follow the design theme of Windows Phone 7, and will be accessible from the start screen or music hub.

Spotify on mobile phones requires a premium account, for which you pay £9.99 a month to stream unlimited, ad-free music. The Windows Spotify apps will offer pretty much the same features as are found on other mobile platforms, such as offline playlists, wireless syncing, starred tracks and a 'What's new?' tab.

If you use Windows Mobile 6 and want to try the Spotify app out, you can download it by visiting It will also soon be available in the Windows Marketplace.

People using Windows Phone 7 handsets will be spoilt for choice when it comes to streamed music. It was announced last month that the Zune Pass monthly subscription service will cost £8.99 a month. As well as being cheaper than the Spotify offering, users of the service will be able to stream music to more devices, including games consoles.

In the end, your choice of service may come down to how easy each one is to use. Spotify is great when it works, but it can be particularly buggy on some mobile platforms. Zune Pass may have fewer problems with bugs given that it's been built from the beginning with Windows Phone 7 in mind.

Will you download Spotify for Windows Phone 7? Or could Zune Pass render it redundant? Let us know in the comments section below.