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MP3 Players

Spotify Free now works with iPhone and Android, even iPods

A major update to music-streaming service Spotify allows users to sync the app to iPods, iPhones and Android handsets. It's updated its MP3 store too.

A major update to Spotify allows users to sync their MP3s and playlists from the music-streaming service to iPods, iPhones and Android handsets -- even if you don't pay a subscription.

As of today, you can sync Spotify with your iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod shuffle as well as via the apps for iPhone, iPod touch and Android. You'll still need to pay for Spotify Premium to listen to streamed music, but the software is now an effective competitor for iTunes as a desktop music manager -- and much less of a system hog.

The Swedish company also announced synchronisation will soon work over Wi-Fi -- something iTunes doesn't do, which had been top of users' request lists for ages. No cables required: your smart phone or iPod will just appear under a new Devices menu in the desktop software.

A revamped music store lets you download bundles of MP3s for as little as 50p per track, almost half of what iTunes charges. A bundle of 10 tracks costs £7.99, 15 costs £9.99, £25 will bag you 40 songs, and a bundle of 100 will set you back £50. A new feature for playlists lets you buy everything on it with one click, as the video below explains.

Over the next few days, existing Spotify users will receive an automatic upgrade. Does this make iTunes redundant? Does it make up for Spotify Free being hobbled recently? Tell us what you think in our comments section below or on our Facebook wall.