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Spotify down as UK data centre glitch halts playback

Spotify is down, but the streaming service says it's working to fix the issue.

Update: Spotify says it's fixed the issue, which involved the UK data centre and affected some users. Let us know in the comments if you have any further problems folks, otherwise -- happy listening.

There's trouble in Spotify's message centre, as a UK glitch has seen the music streaming service stop working.

The green-hued app took to Twitter to acknowledge the flaw, which stops songs from playing.

"We are aware of some service issues and are working on a fix", Spotify tweeted.

A later tweet suggests the problem may have originated in the UK. "We're still investigating the issues for people connecting to our UK data centre", Spotify's support team said. "Please stay tuned for updates."

Twitter folk from Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands have chimed in to say they're also experiencing issues.

Anecdotally, we're unable to get Spotify working in the office. Often these downtime issues only affect certain customers however, so if Spotify's working fine for you, stick a note in the comments or on our Facebook page.