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Spotify says Apple uses App Store as a 'weapon' to choke rivals

A lawyer letter reported by Recode says Apple is rejecting an update to the Spotify app to stifle competition for its Apple Music streaming service.

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Apple has never won any friends with its policy of taking a cut out of in-app purchases, but it may be turning Spotify into a full-fledged enemy.

Spotify's lawyer sent a letter to Apple, accusing the gadget giant of rejecting an update to its app as a way of suppressing competition to its own Apple Music service, according to a report Thursday by Recode. Apple launched Apple Music, a service that directly competes with Spotify, a year ago today.

The letter, sent more than a month ago, claimed Apple cited its "business model rules" for turning down the update. The company "uses the App Store approval process as a weapon to harm competitors," it said.

Spotify declined to comment on the letter. Apple didn't immediately return requests for comment.

Apple recently changed its App Store policy on subscriptions sold in apps for its mobile device, halving the cut it takes to 15 percent from 30 percent if the subscriber keeps the service for a year. Spotify, however, has said the modification doesn't solve how rules still crimp its ability to get and keep customers.

Update, July 1: Apple has replied to Spotify's accusations.