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Spotify Android app gets new look, finally fixes problems

Spotify unveils its new Android app, fixing its many problems and adding a new design, 320kbps sound and a remote control widget.

Spotify has officially unveiled its new Android app, fixing the app's myriad problems. The update attempts to woo Android-owning subscribers back with new features including a fresh design, 320kbps sound and a remote control widget.

A beta version has been kicking around for a few weeks, but the final version includes three new features -- playlist folders, scrobbling to record your tunes in your account, and a widget to control the app from your home screen.

The new-look app is based on sliding across to move between options. You can check out friends' playlists and profiles, see your play queue and gaze lovingly at high-definition album art. You also get a 'related artist' view so you can while away the time finding similar music as you sit on the bus.

Listeners have been struggling with a dodgy Android app, with complaints including frequent crashes, the app proving too slow to use and not working properly with Andorid Ice Cream Sandwich. Not ideal when you're forking over £10 per month.

Spotify has had things all its own way for a while when it comes to music streaming, but rival services have been springing up recently so it's about time Spotify got its Android act together. Rivals include Rdio as well as Sony and Samsung's own music services on phones, Sony Music Unlimited and Samsung Music Hub.

Spotify is now on iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone and Android. If you're a Spotify premium subscriber, you can download the app from Google Play or update your current app.

Are you a Spotify listener? Can this new update restore your faith in the service or have you switched to a rival? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.