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Spotify and Virgin Media team up to put tunes in your telly

Virgin Media has signed a deal with Spotify to let you access the music-streaming service's vast library of tunes through your TV.

Virgin Media will soon bring tunes to your telly, having signed a deal with music-streaming service Spotify.     

Both current and new Spotify users will benefit from a range of special offers, including access to exclusive new and early releases, like those currently offered to paying Spotifiers, and also gig and festival tickets. After all, Virgin runs the V Festival, where this year you can see The Saturdays and Big Audio Dynamite on the same stage within an hour of each other.

Virgin's service will offer access to Spotify Unlimited and Premium too. For £5 per month, Unlimited users get access to Spotify's full library of music without any adverts. Spotify Premium, which costs £10 per month, adds the ability to listen to tracks on your phone.

There'll be a special app for Virgin Media TiVo, the telly-recording set-top box that learns what you like. New phones from Virgin Mobile are also set to have Spotify built in, with the cost of subscription incorporated into your phone bill. That's similar to the Spotify deal offered by Three.

Spotify has been promising an American launch since it was knee-high to an MP3 player, but it's been busy expanding into other avenues in the meantime, including Logitech, Onkyo and Sonos media streamers. It also dealt a major blow to iTunes when the software added iPod and iPhone syncing, although many users grumbled when restrictions were placed on the free version of Spotify.

There's even talk of a Spotify-powered music service in Facebook, although deals with record labels in the US and other international territories would be required to make the most of Facebook's vast user base.

Spotify also revealed today an update to the iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch, adding playlist folders.

Spotify will arrive on Virgin Media TVs 'in the coming months'. A special sign-up window will appear for those of you who haven't used Spotify before. Existing Spotify subscribers will be able to keep using their existing account, with all their playlists intact.

Would you play music out of your telly or does it just seem weird? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.