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Spotify crosses more than 140 million listeners

That's almost two Pandoras.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Spotify is -- still -- No. 1. 

More than 140 million people stream tunes on Spotify every month, according to a blog post Thursday by head of sales Brian Benedik. The company last updated its listener number a year ago, when it notched 100 million listeners a month. 

That means Spotify has nearly twice the number of active listeners as Pandora, its closest competitor in music you can stream free with ads. (So long as we're not counting YouTube, where a user base of more than a billion people are prone to "listen" to free music videos -- but YouTube never says how many people are doing that.)

In the last five years, people have quickly shifted from buying music outright as on iTunes to services like Spotify, which offers all-you-can-eat music either by paying a monthly subscription or sitting through advertising. That combo of an expansive free tier plus premium memberships has helped Spotify vault ahead of free-streaming rivals like Pandora and stay in front of subscription-only competitors like Apple Music, which has 27 million subscribers versus Spotify's 50 million. 

The stat comes the same day Spotify released details about its financial health in filings to European regulators. Like most every streaming music service of its kind, Spotify is losing money. Despite sales jumping by half to 2.9 billion euros, its operating loss widened to 349.4 million euros. 

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