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Can you spot the sheep hiding among these Santas?

This festive find-it puzzle from illustrator Dudolf has the internet all excited about the sheep search.

So many Santas! But where is the sheep?


How hard is it to find a shy sheep lurking in a large gathering of Santa Clauses?

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás -- using the name Dudolf -- posted an image of Santas to his blog on Thursday, challenging his fans to find the sheep hiding in the sea of Santas.

Some fans of his work have hinted that looking at just the noses of the subjects will help you find the animal more quickly, but that might just make you cross-eyed while looking for that crafty sheep.

If you get to feeling frustrated in your search, the solution is here. I have to admit, I had to sneak a look at the solution after staring at the delightful illustration for 15 minutes.

For Christmas a year ago, Dudás created a festive puzzle with an illustration of a panda hiding in a crowd of snowmen. Last December, he also posted another challenging illustration of a cat hiding in a flock of colorful owls.

Good luck, and remember to blink.