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High speed portable camcorder for the ultimate in sports analysis


The Worlds First Portable High-Speed Point and Shoot Camera, designed for Sports

The SportsCam is a bit of a break through when it comes to high speed camcorders. You may have seen these cameras on television when they show you in super slow motion a golf ball being hit by a golf club, or a baseball making contact with the bat. Until now these camcorders have been way to pricey and are used mainly for biomechanical analysis and research.

Fastecimaging brings us the SportsCam, a portable high speed camcorder that can film up to 500 frames per second. This is pretty serious stuff when you consider a basic camcorder films at 30 frames per second. This new bread of camcorder can easily capture thousands of images with the push of a button, review them on the built-in screen and save them to a Compact Flash card or download them via USB 2.0 to your computer system for review.

I like the fact that once you turn the camcorder on it is always filming the action and storing it in a buffer inside the camcorder, you just decide by the push of a button when you want to review something and save it. This way you never miss that sporting moment, it truly is the ultimate sports analysis tool.

At a starting price around $4000.00 these cameras are not cheap, but in the world of high speed film try finding a portable 500 frame per second camera for less. For more information visit