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Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition goes 3D

This year's annual look-at-ladies-in-bikinis issue will also feature a rentable 3D video special--if you have Sony gear in your living room.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
Back in my day, we had only two Ds, and we were happy to have those! Wikipedia

Look, I like 3D technology as much as the next guy, at least when it's used properly. And I also like pictures of supermodels in bikinis. But I'm not sure if I'm into the idea of putting those two things together. That might be a little much for an innocent guy like me.

But Sports Illustrated doesn't feel the same way at all, it seems, as it plans to sell (and rent) special 3D video content that ties in with its annual swimsuit issue.

The content will be available to customers who have new Sony Bravia HDTVs that are 3D-capable, and a PS3 or qualified Blu-ray player running Qriocity's rental service. An interested person could buy it for $8, or rent it for $5.

There will be a 2D version, as well. Of course, that leaves the rest of us out in the cold looking at half-naked ladies the old-fashioned 2D way. Life is hard.