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Sports Analysis Software

Software that allows you to capture video footage for review.

Sports analysis software has been around for a while, it is basically software that allows you to compare and analyze any sports motion. You can capture your video to the hard drive of your computer via a firewire or USB 2.0 port and then use the software to measure performance of a specific motion. Most sports analysis software packages give you a variety of tools from graphics to multiple windows in order to compare one video clip to another, some software packages have more advanced features allowing for more in depth analysis via the internet between a coach and their student.

I like the swiss based company Dartfish, they have software that will work for any sport and have really done a nice job of capturing the necessary tools that you need for analysis. They have several different versions of their software available and have a very good online training program that allows you to learn the features of the product from the comfort of your own home.

Some other companies that make similar products to Dartfish are Astar Learning Systems, JC Video Systems, Cswing, V1golf, Quintec and Swing View Pro. You can google the different companies for more information on their line of products.

Always make sure you check the companies website for the minimum requirements that you need to run the software effectively on your computer.